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Supporting Television

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We're very, very pleased to be opening for Television when they perform Marquee Moon in the ABC1 in Glasgow on June the 14th.  We'll be playing as a duo which should give a bit of contrast to things!  Tickets available here.  
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Bring It On Home

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On May the 10th, Mugdock theatre at Mugdock Country Park near Milngavie will host a special one off event showcasing 4 Scottish singer-songwriters.  John Alexander, Larry Guild, Stephen Maguire and Doghouse Roses' Paul Tasker will each present their take on the art of songwriting.  The show will be a songwriters in the round format with all 4 performers on stage at the same time taking turns and collaborating on their songs.  Expect a soulful, country tinged folk blues evening in the fantastic springtime setting of Mugdock Country Park.

Bring it on home


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And Were Back

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It's been a while, but were back, and there's going to be some changes around here.  Here's some stuff that has happened since our last post.  Manchester United have gone from striking fear into opponents hearts to being gun fodder for the big and some not so big teams.  Thats not quite true, but its nice to see a change at the top after all this time.  If only the same could happen in the Scottish Premier league premiership or whatever its now called.  The Large Hadron Collider has been switched off for up to 2 years for upgrading, and the Wispa chocolate bars were relaunched in the UK to mass celebrations.  Or maybe not, but all these things happened.

Also happening is the recording of a new Doghouse Roses album a little bit later this year, and hopefully a few live shows too.  We already have one in the diary, which will be on the Isle of Muck on Friday the 8th of August.  The lovely Isle of Muck is located off the west coast of Scotland, and comprises the small Isles along with Eigg, Rum and Canna.  It's not the easiest place to get to for a gig, we'll grant you that, but we hope to have more to announce in the coming weeks.

Before recording of the new record can start, I'm finishing a record of guitar and banjo instrumentals.  Its been in the pipeline for a while, and will hopefully be released on vinyl in the Autumn.  Here's a little taster of what to expect:

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German Tour 2012

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Its been a little while since we last played in Germany, but that'll all change in October as were on tour for a week.  Heres the dates:

7th October Greiz, Café Lebensart, Germany
8th October – Solingen, Cobra, Germany
10th October -  Dillenburg, Erbse, Germany
11th October -  Wetzlar, Café Vinyl, Germany
12th October – Norderstedt, Music Star, Germany
13th October – Berlin, private Show

All details on the gigs page.  Hope to see you there.  Over a pint, of course.


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Scottish tour 2012

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Doghouse Roses Scottish tour 2012 Summer Tour dates with Katarina Juvancic and Dejan Lapanja

Friday 10th August - The State Bar, Holland Street, Glasgow
Tuesday14th August - Montrose Folk Club, Montrose
Wednesday 15th August - Aberdeen Folk Club, Aberdeen
Thursday 16th August - The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool
Friday 17th August - Coigach Hall, Achiltibuie


Please note: the show on the 9th of August at The Royal Oak in Edinburgh advertised on the poster will not now take place.

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Hazy Recollections @ Celtic connections

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We're looking forward to playing at hazy recollections at Celtic connections on Sunday afternoon (the 29th) along with Findlay Napiers barroom mountaineers, Kim Edgar, Dean Owens and Foy Vance.  We recorded our rehearsal last week, and here's a song we may play.





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Utrecht, October 2011

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Whilst on our recent Dutch Tour, we took the chance to record a couple of tracks on the morning we left to come home.  We wanted to play a few tunes that were associated with Bert Jansch, so we played Angie, Needle of Death and Nottamun Town.  Theres also an instrumental called Roadtripping with a guest appearance by Cate the cat....



Doghouse Roses - Angie (Davy Graham) from Onder Invloed on Vimeo.

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Bert Jansch

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It's being sadly reported that legendary guitarist Bert Jansch has passed away after an longterm illness.  Bert Jansch's career took in 5 decades and over 20 albums, and he provided inspiration for many musicians of all genres, including me (Paul).  I think its safe to say that if I hadn't seen Bert Jansch play in 1996 I would never have written a song and certainly wouldnt have tried to find my own voice.  Among many very fine songwriters to come out of the folk revival in the late 60's, Bert Jansch is virtually alone in being respected by metallers, jazzers, country players and the rest.  Although he was put into the folk bracket, much of his music, particularly his instrumentals, defy categorisation (check out Chambertin from LA turnaround for example), and along with the music he's left, his legacy will also be remembered in that his art came first...before fame, before money and before any compromise. 

In early 1995, my Brother and I had found a copy of Bert Jansch's second album, "It Don't Bother Me"  This was a new sound for us, raised on Led Zepplin and AC/DC records and we thought it was really wierd someone recording a purely acoustic album ( electric guitars).  As this was pre-internet days for us, we knew nothing about the album or Bert Jansch until we saw an advert for a show in March 1996 at the Press Club on St.Vincent street in Glasgow.  We were used to going to venues like the Barrowlands so a place like this was new and we arrived so early that the barman was just opening up.....we were on our second pint when Bert Janch and Bobby Barton, (who opening the show, and played slide guitar on some of Bert's songs that night) came in and played pool.  We were also the last people out and carried some of their gear down the stairs for them.  I bought and got signed Bert Jansch's current album of the time "When the Circus Comes to Town" which is still one of my favourite records, and without getting all misty eyed, that show changed my life.  I have bootleg CD of that concert but have never listened to it, as I like the way in plays in my head just fine......So thanks for the music Bert, and I hope you enjoy the all star jam session in the sky


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Mailing List

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We've had to temporarily remove the music club / mailing list part of the site due to it being spammed hundreds of times a day.  Were going to sort a solution out to this, but in the meantime if you'd  like to sign up to our mailing list you could just send a message via the contact form with mailing list in the title and we'll add you.  Alternatively were on facebook and post a lot of stuff on their too

New Offices

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We quite recently moved our "offices" to the Hidden Lane in Glasgow, which is creative community in a cobbled Lane in Central Glasgow, so hidden even the google streetcar cant find us (or cant get down the lane, one of the two).  I'm also giving guitar and banjo lessons from our new offices, and you can check out more about this at my website -

The Hidden Lane, Glasgow

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